Why We Celebrate World Accreditation Day

Connected colorful blue lines of the earth represent World Accreditation Day.

For several years now, World Accreditation Day has been celebrated on June 9. A global initiative jointly of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), World Accreditation Day was established to raise awareness of the importance of accreditation.

ANAB is in the business of accreditation, so it stands to reason that we’d be happy to celebrate the occasion. But it’s not just because of what we do that we see fit to mark the date. Rather, it’s because we and the whole conformity assessment community believe in accreditation and the benefits it offers.

The theme of this year’s celebration is how accreditation delivers a safer world, and that certainly cuts right to the heart of why we celebrate. We strive for a world in which the everyone, everywhere can expect a safe workplace, safe products, safe transport, safe food, and safety in all aspects of life. Unfortunately, that’s not today’s reality, and closing this gap is a vital consideration for government, regulators, and businesses as they strive to keep people safe.

You’ll find information elsewhere on the ANAB website about the 2018 World Accreditation day video, poster, brochure, and other information. You’ll also find case studies and research on the benefits and value of standards, accreditation, certification, inspection, and testing at the Business Benefits and Public Sector Assurance websites.

Providing lab accreditation, forensic accreditation, management systems accreditation, and other types of accreditation are the specifics of what ANAB provides. But in addition to providing these services to our customers, we like to pause and recognize from time to that underlying these services is a desire to make the world a better place.

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