FSSC 24000 Social Management Systems

People working at a food factory assembly line with FSSC 24000 certification.

ANAB is a participant in the newest FSSC program for certification of organizations conforming with the requirements of FSSC 24000, Social Management System (SMS) Certification. FSSC 24000 was developed for organizations in the consumer goods industry as a way to demonstrate social sustainability.

What Is a Social Management System?

An SMS is a framework of policies, processes, and procedures used by an organization to ensure that it can fulfill all tasks required to achieve its social objectives. Social objectives are put into place to ensure that workers are treated fairly. Additionally, social objectives provide for a safe working environment that is not detrimental to their health and is in compliance with relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.

What Is FSSC 24000?

FSSC 24000 provides a strategic approach incorporating the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) approach and risk-based thinking concepts that are prevalent in many ISO standards. These concepts ensure the proactive identification and control of social risk, as well as foster continuous improvement. It also demonstrates corporate responsibility and facilitates improving social management systems and organizational performance thus driving the impact of the organization. FSSC 24000 also aligns with the ISO harmonized structure and management system approach which allows for harmonization with other ISO standards.

The requirements of the FSSC 24000 scheme can be applied in the food and non-food manufacturing and processing sector, including their related services across the consumer goods industry and their associated supply base. An FSSC 24000 certificate confirms that an organization’s social sustainability management system is in conformance with the requirements of the scheme, resulting in certifications that assure organizations provide safe and fair working conditions, meet business ethics requirements, and apply due diligence in their supply chain management.

How Does FSSC 24000 Relate to PAS 24000?

The FSSC 24000 scheme incorporates the requirements of PAS 24000: Specification for Social Management Systems. This specification contains requirements for social management systems, including specific criteria for social performance.  The PAS 24000 standard and the FSSC 24000 scheme documents are available free of charge at FSSC.

Accreditation for FSSC 24000 CBs

In order to demonstrate conformance to the FSSC 24000 scheme requirements and recognition by the Foundation FSSC, organizations must achieve certification to the requirements of the scheme through an accreditation body recognized by the Foundation FSSC, such as ANAB. Learn about Accreditation for FSSC 24000 here.

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