ANAB’s Private Training Process

ANAB technical expert instructing a private training course in office conference room.

ANAB offers private training to clients in management systems, laboratories, credentialing, inspection bodies, and more.

Organizations seek out private training for many reasons:

  • having a large number of participants requiring a course
  • needing training at a specific time of year
  • requiring training on a specific topic not offered in the public course catalog.

Which ANAB Courses Are Private?

All ANAB courses can be private.

All ANAB courses are customizable to your exact need.

ANAB has technical experts to build your exact course.

While most of ANAB’s private trainings are centered around the public catalog of courses, our modular course design allows for ANAB to tailor courses specifically to the training needs of the organization requesting training. Examples of modular training include an overview of a standard along with risk-based thinking, internal auditing with a module on cause analysis and corrective action, or measurement confidence and measurement uncertainty. ANAB also offers completely custom courses on conformity assessment standards and related topics, such as AOAC requirements in the laboratory or improving your internal auditing skills.

Where Is Private Training Conducted?

ANAB conducts courses around the globe.

When it comes to venues for private training, many of the private courses are conducted live online. This allows for organizations to collaborate across multiple sites during the training course without the added cost of personnel travel. When in person, ANAB conducts training at organization’s facilities, in hotel conference rooms, or at shared training spaces. ANAB has instructors across the globe to accommodate in person and live online training for many locations and time zones.

Private training is often thought of as geared towards a single organization, but organizations occasionally partner with other companies in their area to take advantage of the quote pricing for additional participants. This allows organizations to share the cost of the private training while collaborating with peers in their industry. In these instances, ANAB manages the registrations and course materials while the organization seeking the quote handles on-site logistics, such as location and audio-visual equipment.

How to Apply for Private Training

Request Private Training on the ANAB website here.

The process for ANAB private training begins with a request for quote on the ANAB website or an email to ANAB’s training department at The request for quote captures general information about the organization and the basic topic of interest for training. Once ANAB receives the request for quote, a training coordinator will reach out to gather additional information for the proposal, such as timing of the course, number of participants, goals for the training, etc. The proposal is then generated and sent to the organization’s contact for review and acceptance.

Once proposal is accepted, ANAB works with the organization to schedule the training. If customization is needed, ANAB’s instructional designer and/or technical products developer compile the necessary modules to create the custom course. Participants will receive a comprehensive course workbook to use during the course to capture notes and answers to exercises as a reference in the future.

Get Private Training From ANAB

If you need training related to conformity assessment standards and topics, contact ANAB to request a quote today. ANAB’s general training offerings can be found in the public course schedule or in ANAB’s course catalog.

Find out more about private training here.

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