2023 ANAB Assessor Development Week Highlights

ANAB's Assessor Development Week attendees in 2023.

From January 23-27, 2023, ANAB hosted Assessor Development Week at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center (Dallas). This robust event functioned as a dynamic opportunity for expert ANAB Accreditation Managers and Assessors to convene and stay up-to-date with their respective programs.

What Is Assessor Development Week?

Assessor Development (AD) week is a time when ANAB employees and active contract assessors come together for assessor development activities. It consists of meetings, talks, and trainings to continue to develop contract assessors as well as functioning as an opportunity for contract assessors to socialize with their peers. The sessions during the week are geared towards program updates, assessor ongoing training, and achieving and maintaining assessor consistency.  It’s a great opportunity for the ANAB staff to interact with the assessors both during the day and evening activities. ANAB hosts a fun mid-week reception to help foster exchanges on a personal level.

What Will You Learn at ANAB’s Assessor Development Week?

Assessors learn about updates to ANAB processes, hear presentations from industry professionals, and have open discussions about issues or concerns for each program within ANAB and maintaining assessor consistency.

Who Attended ANAB’s Assessor Development Week?

There were 251 attendees at ANAB’s 2023 Assessor Development week, in which ANAB hosted 33 meetings. Attendees came from 10 counties and 37 states.

Happy attendees at ANAB's 2023 Assessor Development Week.

What Were Some of the Curriculum Components at ANAB’s Assessor Development Week?

The event covered ANAB’s most popular assessor curriculum topics:

Management Systems

Discussed assessor opportunities for improvements and 2022 nonconformity challenges. Attendees learned how to add value through corrective action review and about management systems process consistency, risk based assessment preparation, and more.


Reviewed updates on lead assignments and activities. Discussed 3125 and 3120, QAS updates, PR 1018 and claims of accreditation, scope of accreditation scenarios, measurement uncertainty, and more.

Product Certification

Covered an in-depth ISO/IEC 17065 training, discussion of the AUDEE platform, review of ANAB’s document review requirement (PRO-TP-101 and PRO-TP-102 and the expectations for ANAB assessors) and ANAB’s checklist requirements (PRO-FR-105 and the expectations for ANAB assessors), and more.

ANAB assessors presenting credentialing, Product Certification, and Forensics assessor processes.

ILR – Inspection Laboratories, and Related Activities

Reviewed Audeee and functionality related to assessors, discussed how to consider risk when determining the scope witnessing planning, perform assessments as a team, reviewed the revised assessor manual and the ILR assessment process, and more.


Discussed psychometrics topics, application revisions, management systems and generalists topics, writing NCRs, and more.

Training – Instructor Development

Reviewed courses, methods of instruction, use of live-online (WebEx) tools vs in-person training.  Discussed course attendance, scheduling and partnerships with other organizations.

Discussed performance metrics and how this affects course selection and offerings both public and private.

ANAB also offered two live in-person training courses during AD Week:

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