Customer Satisfaction Standards (ISO 10000 Quality Management)

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Quality is often relative. Truthfully, the global presence of quality management standards like ISO 9001 helps provide a more objective approach to an organization’s quality practices with recognized effectiveness. However, in the eyes of the customer, quality certainly still can be a relative attribute.

Thankfully, managing customer satisfaction is also addressed by international standards. These documents offer guidance aligned with other quality management standards, such as ISO 9001, but they may also be used independently of such standards. The ISO 10000 series includes:

ISO 10001:2018 – Quality management – Customer satisfaction – Guidelines for codes of conduct for organizations

Meeting a high level of customer satisfaction can be challenging, so ISO 10001:2018 helps organizations put in place a customer satisfaction code of conduct by offering guidelines for its planning, design, development, implementation, maintenance, and improvement.

A customer satisfaction code of conduct consists of promises, as well as related provisions, that address issues like product and service delivery, product returns, the handling of customer information, advertising, and product stipulations. These promises, through the framework and guidelines of the customer-focused approach outlined in ISO 10001:2018, aim to enhance customer satisfaction.

ISO 10002:2018 – Quality management – Customer satisfaction – Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations

Customer complaints are one of the primary means by which a company or organization can gauge customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the manner in which organizations handle complaints can determine if they meet that customer’s needs and even the expectations of the general public.

ISO 10002:2018 provides guidance for organizations to plan, design, develop, operate, maintain, and improve an effective and efficient complaints-handling process for all activities related to products and services. Complaints handling should involve top management and aim to create a customer-focused environment.

You can read more about this standard in our post on ISO 10002:2018 for Complaints Handling.

ISO 10003:2018 – Quality management – Customer satisfaction – Guidelines for dispute resolution external to organizations

In terms of customer satisfaction, one of the most apprehensive thoughts for an organization is the possibility of a dispute. ISO 10003:2018 helps organizations plan, operate, maintain, and improve an effective and efficient external dispute resolution process and select a dispute-resolution provider. In aiming to enhance customer satisfaction, dispute resolution is crucial in providing a means of redress when organizations do not remedy a complaint internally.

ISO 10004:2018 – Quality management – Customer satisfaction – Guidelines for monitoring and measuring

While complaints and disputes can be a more-disastrous means of an organization generating awareness of customer satisfaction, regular monitoring of satisfaction is likely a better methodology to depend upon. ISO 10004:2018 gives guidelines for defining and implanting processes for monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction.

Acquisition of this information can be used to help identify opportunities for improvement of the organization’s strategies, products, services, processes, and characteristics valued by customers and serving the organizations objectives.

All these standards are available as the ISO 10001 / ISO 10002 / ISO 10003 / ISO/TS 10004 Customer Satisfaction Package.

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