ISO 14001 Released

ISO 14001 Revision Released
ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management Systems – Requirements with guidance for use was released on September 14, 2015. Significant changes to this revision from the 2004 version of the standard include a greater commitment from leadership, increased alignment with strategic direction, greater environmental protection, more effective communication, and the inclusion of life-cycle thinking.

We have discussed this revision in several other posts, including:
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In addition, you can learn more about the ISO 14000 Collection 2: Comprehensive Environmental Systems Package here and the ISO Guide 64 in this post that also addresses life-cycle thinking.

The 2015 version of ISO 14001 is available for download on the ANSI Webstore. Also available is the Redline version of ISO 14001:2015, which provides a simple way to compare all of the changes to the revision from previous versions of the standard.

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