Train with funicular safety measure that meet ANSI B77.2-2014

Funicular is a word we don’t hear often. But ANSI has a standard ANSI B77.2-2020 for funicular safety.

The former CEO of Olympus America, Sid Braginsky would often start his presentations asking us to define a particular word. I owe him great deal and this technique always got my attention. No matter how ordinary the word was, I always found the task of defining a common word more difficult than expected. But it always got me thinking and I really enjoyed the challenge.

Chances are you’ll know what a funicular is if you live in the mountains or visit them. I’ll admit that I had heard the word often enough but had to look it up anyway. Type into the Google search box “define: funiculars” and you’ll see not only the definition, but also a list of funicular railways organized by place along with photos of funiculars. Google is great for this kind of query.

I am often amazed to find there are standards for practically everything. Type nearly any word into the keyword search at and you’ll see what I mean. What happens when you search for funicular standards? Yes there are standards for funiculars.

2 thoughts on “Funiculars
  1. Good Morning. I would like to know if there is a standard for wireless communication on funiculars, because ANSI does not mention anything about this.

    I would appreciate your help, thank you.

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