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Engineer that took the B51-14 and B52-13 Update Online training program

CSA launched an online training program: B51-14 and B52-13 Update Online for Mechanical Engineers, Power/Stationary Engineers, Steam Engineers, Boiler Operators, Design Engineers/Technologists, Installers, Contractors & Fabricators and Inspection Agencies / Jurisdictional Authorities. The courses explain the new requirements and updates contained in the latest editions of CSA B51 Boiler, Pressure Vessel, and Pressure Piping Code and CSA B52 Mechanical Refrigeration Code. One course covers changes to B51-14 and B52-13 and the other, B51-14, addresses new Clauses 12 and 13.
CSA Group’s Learning Services currently offers over 40 products in 12 subject areas in an online format. The top 12 courses on the CSA Store are as follows:

Electrical2012 ESAT desktop
ElectricalPre-Master Electrician Course
Electrical2012 Alberta CE Code Update
Fuels / EnergyCNG Fuel Systems Inspector Exam Practice
Fuels / EnergyGas Trade Exam Practice Tool
Fuels / EnergyOverview of changes to B51-14 and B52-13
Health Care TechMedical Device Reprocessing
Health Care TechMedical Gas Pipeline Systems
Health Care TechZ8001-13 Check Sheets
InfrastructureIntroduction to Canadian Plumbing Inspection
InfrastructureAdapting Your Infrastructure to Climate Change
Occupational Health SafetyWorkplace Electrical Safety Based on CSA Z462-12
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