ASSE 1022-2021: Backflow Preventer for Beverage Dispensing Equipment

Soda fountain dispensing cola beverage with the help of ASSE Standard 1022-2021 backflow preventers.

For beverage dispensing equipment, the specifications and testing for a standard backflow preventer device are addressed in ASSE 1022-2021: Performance Requirements for Backflow Preventer for Beverage Dispensing Equipment. It is an approved American National Standard.

What is Backflow?

Among the many topics relevant to beverage dispensing equipment is backflow, an undesirable effect involving the reversal of the flow of water or mixtures of other substances back into the potable water supply serving beverage dispensing equipment.

Which Backflow Prevention Device is in ASSE 1022-2021?

Prior to the publication of the first edition of ASSE 1022 in 2003, many concerns had persisted with the dual check valve commonly used for backflow prevention, as it alone does not show any visible indication of failure. Originating from numerous requests by regulatory authorities, manufacturers of backflow prevention devices, consumers, and users of the equipment, ASSE 1022-2021 covers a standard backflow preventer for beverage dispensing equipment that includes two check valves and an atmospheric vent.

This vent, or atmospheric port, is located between two independently acting check valves biased to a normally closed position. With these three key components, the device is engineered for installation in carbonated post-mix dispensing systems. According to ASSE 1022-2021, these devices are intended for use under continuous or intermittent pressure conditions, and the port is to vent liquids, gases, or both, under backflow conditions.

What Does ASSE 1022-2021 Cover?

For backflow prevention devices used in beverage dispensing equipment, ASSE 1022-2021 details an array of performance tests, including those for hydrostatic pressure, atmospheric port leakage, water flow, temperature extremes, check valve sealing pressure, endurance, atmospheric port-opening pressure, and check valve leakage. The standard also covers requirements for materials and toxicity, design and construction, markings, and installation instructions.

What Are the Changes to ASSE Standard 1022-2021?

ASSE 1022-2021 revises the 2017 edition of the same American National Standard for backflow preventers for beverage dispensing equipment. In the new revision, language for sampling requirements was removed from Section 2.0, since this is the purview of the testing and certification agencies. Furthermore, references to standards SAE J512 and SAE J513 were added.

ASSE Standard 1022-2021: Performance Requirements for Backflow Preventer for Beverage Dispensing Equipment is available on the ANSI Webstore.

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