ANSI Z97.1 & Safety Glazing Material Markings

Sheets of glass tested to ANSI Z97.1 to have standards safety glazing material marking,

For a change, look at glass (or plastic), not through it. In small lettering, you might see some letters and numbers. Markings like “ANSI Z97.1-2015” and “American National Standard Z97.1-2015” denote compliance with testing requirements that assure the glazing materials used in buildings are safe.

What is ANSI Z97.1?

ANSI Z97.1 is the American National Standard for safety glazing materials used in buildings. It sets specifications and testing methods for the safety properties of safety glazing materials used for all building and architectural purposes.

By prescribing the minimum safety performance characteristics of safety glazing materials, ANSI Z97.1 affords a basis for safety standards for adoption in regulations by federal, state, and local regulatory bodies, as well as for use by building code officials, architects, designers, specifiers and others as a reference standard.

What Are Safety Glazing Materials?

Safety glazing materials promote safety and reduce injuries through their design. They are defined in the standard as:

“Glazing materials so constructed, treated, or combined with other materials that, if broken by human contact, the likelihood of cutting or piercing injuries that might result from such contact is reduced.”

How Does ANSI Z97.1 Address Marking?

End users will be able to see if safety glazing materials comply with the standard through the ANSI Z97.1 marking, which one can find on glazing materials of numerous types, ranging from bathroom doors to the glazing on escalators. Section 6 of the ANSI Z97.1 standard outlines various provisions for marking products and materials that have successfully passed the appropriate tests in the standard.

What is the Current Edition of ANSI Z97.1?

ANSI Z97.1 is developed by the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) Z97 and published by the Glazing Industry Secretariat Committee (GISC). The current edition of this standard is ANSI Z97.1-2015 (R2020): For Safety Glazing Materials Used In Buildings – Safety Performance Specifications And Methods Of Test.

Are There Other Standards for Safety Glazing Materials?

Other American National Standards address safety glazing materials for applications other than in buildings. For example, if you stare out the window on a train, you might notice a marking for ANSI Z26.1.

What is ANSI Z26.1?

This American National Standard covers specifications and testing methods for safety glazing materials used for windshields, windows, and partitions of land and marine vehicles and aircraft.

ANSI Z26.1 was developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers/American National Standards Committee on Specifications and Methods of Test for Safety Glazing Material, Z26 and published by SAE International. The current edition of this standard is ANSI/SAE Z26.1-1996: American National Standard For Safety Glazing Motor Vehicles And Motor Vehicle Equipment Operating On Land Highways.

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