Remote Assessments for ANAB Laboratory Accreditation

Female lab technician on a computer to complete remote assessment and finish her ANAB laboratory accreditation.

As businesses around the world halt their in-person operations, many industries are scrambling to shift their practices to the digital world. ANAB, in providing credibility and confidence for those who rely on tests, calibration results, and certification, offers remote assessment for laboratories seeking accreditation.

Convenient in a world affected by travel restrictions, this option was previously in limited use where on-site assessments proved challenging. While remote assessment is now available to the wider market, ANAB has had numerous years of experience conducting assessments remotely. Bringing this expertise to any remote assessment practice, ANAB continues to guarantee the high level of assurance that comes with accreditation.

The ANAB Accreditation Process for Laboratories

ANAB, the largest accreditation body in North America with experience that extends back to 1989, takes a partnership approach to accreditation assessments.

The laboratory accreditation process consists of several key steps, which are as follows:

  • Quote
  • Application
  • Document Review
  • Accreditation Assessment
  • Corrective Action and/or Follow-up Visit
  • Accreditation Decision
  • Surveillance and Reassessment

The assessment portion of this process is essential for the accreditation process to confirm the laboratory’s confidence and pass that trust down to its customers.

How Remote Assessments Work in the ANAB Accreditation Process

As explained in the video above, ANAB has had years of experience with remote assessment because of the vast reach of its accreditation activities (ANAB provides services in more than 75 countries). ANAB has conducted remote assessments long enough to ensure their success in navigating the laboratory accreditation process during these difficult times.

First, ANAB looks at the eligibility for remote assessment, considering if the needed documentation is available electronically and if an appropriate technology solution fits the situation of the third-party conformity assessment body. Next, as this must substitute an in-person visit, ANAB determines the technology or platform best suited for those involved with the remote assessment process.

Sometimes, however, technology can be unreliable. Considering this and other issues, a trial run may be needed to ensure that the remote assessment process will run smoothly.

After reviewing the documents of the laboratory seeking accreditation, ANAB completes a series of interviews and remote assessments. If the assessment results in any nonconformities, the laboratory must address them in a timely manner. A follow-up visit may be scheduled to make sure that all needed information is addressed.

Receive Remote Assessment and Get Your Laboratory Accredited By ANAB

Laboratories around the world can still attain the international label of confidence and trust that ANAB accreditation provides. ANAB offers laboratory accreditation through a variety of programs, including several industry-specific programs based on ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 15189 medical laboratory accreditation, and the California Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP).

If you want to learn more about remote assessment, watch the ANAB Preparing for Remote Assessments for Lab-Related Programs webinar recording. You can also email or visit the ANAB laboratory accreditation page. To get started with laboratory accreditation, you can request a quote here.

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