ANAB Delivers “Remote” Accreditation Certificate

ANAB handing the first remote accreditation certificate to TQCS International via remote assessment to AS9100 and AS9120.

Remote accreditation assessments are becoming more and more common. But have you heard of a remote accreditation certificate?

Earning an ANAB accreditation certificate is a big accomplishment. It’s a milestone that deserves a little fanfare. But when social distancing is the order of the day, celebration options may be limited.

TQCS International recently attained ANAB accreditation for AS9100 and AS9120. This accomplishment made TQCSI the only Australian certification body accredited for these aerospace standards. TQCSI characterized its accreditation as “great news for the aviation, space and defence (ASD) industries throughout Australasia, which can now rely on a local provider for certification.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic restricting travel, an in-person presentation of TQCSI’s accreditation certificate was impossible. A photo opportunity seemed out of the question.

Using Information and Communication Technology

Instead, information and communication technology (ICT) came into play. ICT is the subject of IAF Mandatory Document 4, which specifies requirements for the use of ICT for auditing and assessment.

ANAB had embraced remote assessments using ICT prior to the pandemic. This has become even more true in the last few months. Given widespread travel restrictions, ANAB has conducted remote assessments of many certification bodies and other organizations seeking accreditation.

Some certification bodies, in turn, are conducting remote audits of clients. TQCSI reports that auditing remotely has proven remarkably successful.

Remote assessments and audits won’t entirely replace their on-site counterparts. But they will likely reduce on-site auditing time in the future.

Remote Certificate via ICT

Now, back to the desire to celebrate the attainment of ANAB accreditation. TQCSI asked Lori Gillespie, ANAB’s Vice President, Management Systems, to present the certificate without leaving home.

As pictured above, Gillespie remotely presented the accreditation certificate to TQCSI Accreditation Manager, Sean Bates. Project Manager, Sean Moules, looks on. The presenter of the certificate was thousands of miles from the recipients. But with the help of ICT magic, the hoped-for photo opportunity took place.

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