ANSI A137.1:2019 – Standard Specifications For Ceramic Tile

Some ceramic tile being installed to ANSI A137.1:2019

The standard for ceramic tile has a new revision—ANSI A137.1:2019 – American National Standard Specifications For Ceramic Tile.

Ceramics is an ancient art. Dating back to 24,000 BC—and originally composed of animal fat and bone blended with bone ash and a fine claylike material—ceramics found a true calling as functional pottery in 9,000 BC. Not too far ahead, ceramic tile graced walls in the days of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

In its recent history, U.S. ceramic tile consumption for 1Q 2019 was down 5% vs. 1Q 2018, according to the Tile Council of North America (TCNA), the ANSI-accredited standards developing organization responsible for the publication of ANSI A137.1:2019. Nonetheless, the ceramic tile industry still holds strong—during this period, the industry saw a total consumption of 717.2 million square feet.

Therefore, the standard specifications for ceramic tile are still essential. ANSI A137.1:2019, like the 2017 edition it revises, describes the normally available sizes and shapes of ceramic tile. This American National Standard covers a breadth of information, including the basis for acceptance and testing methods prior to installation, marking and certification of ceramic tile, definitions of relevant terms, and physical properties of Standard Grade Ceramic Tile, Second Grade Ceramic Tile, Decorative Tile, and Specialty tile.

The standard features several aesthetic classes—V0, V1, V2, V3, or V4. The letter “V” indicates “variation,” and each number quantifies the degree of variation of overall color and/or texture—what a consumer can visually expect with a particular product. While ceramic tile isn’t inherently waterproof, this is still a highly-valued quality of the material, so ANSI A137.1:2019 also classifies tile based on water absorption.

Ultimately, the text of ANSI A137.1:2019 serves as a reference standard for buyers and specifiers of ceramic tile, and it can aid producers in maintaining quality control of ceramic tile manufacture.

ANSI A137.1:2019 – American National Standard Specifications For Ceramic Tile is available on the ANSI Webstore.

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