Release of ISO/TR 31004:2013 – Implementation of Risk Management

Risk management is a vital business function provided by ISO/TR 31004:2013

ISO’s new release of ISO/TR 31004:2013 provides guidance for organizations on effectively managing risk through the implementation of ISO 31000:2018, a widely used international standard for providing principles and general guidelines on risk management.

Intended for and written to be used by any public, private, or community enterprise, association, group, or individual, ISO 31000 is wide reaching and not specific to any industry or sector. Joining ISO 31000:2009 and the new ISO/TR 31004:2013 into a discounted package, ANSI presents a cost-effective solution for those looking for the tools and strategies to manage their risk in a thorough, standardized manner.

Also associated with ISO 31000 are ISO Guide 73, Risk Management Vocabulary, and ISO/IEC 31010, Risk Assessment Techniques, bundled together with ISO 31000 at a discount.

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