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ISO TC 184/SC 4, the ISO committee responsible for the development of ISO 8000 data quality has started the review of a new part of the standard that deals specifically with master data quality governance and it is vital that there is input from US domain experts. I would like to encourage you to join the US Technical Advisors Group (US TAG) and to participate in the development of this important new international standard.

The full ISO TC 184/SC 4 committee meets in-person twice a year for a week traditionally once in the US and once overseas (the next meeting is in Rotterdam from November 8 -13 2009). The ISO working group for ISO 8000 also has weekly telephone conferences on Tuesdays from 8:00 am EST to 9:00 am EST led by the editor Dr. Gerry Radack. Members of the US TAG have member access to the SC4 on-line web site which contains the repository of the committee’s work products and reference documents as well as a special wiki devoted to ISO 8000. As a member you should also consider subscribing to the ISO 8000 and WG13 email exploders. Members of the US TAG are encouraged to participate in the twice a year in-person SC4 meetings as members of the US delegation, to participate in the ISO 8000 working group weekly conference calls and to participate in the ballot process.

As in all standards development there is a lot of reading with short bursts of activity and it pays to keep at least one eye on the ball. You do not need to attend all in- person meetings or all telephone conferences or even read all the emails but participation in international standards development does require some level of personal commitment and support from your organization. The benefits are an in depth understanding of the standard and the ability to influence its development. Typically participants are from organizations that expect to benefit from the standard or expect to be impacted by the standard, either way they expect early awareness and depth of knowledge to yield a competitive advantage.

There is a membership fee of $1,000 per year per organization to be a member of the US technical Advisory Group (TAG) however as the renewal is in January, I believe that membership may be prorated.

I do hope you will join the US TAG and participate in the development of this important work and if not you then please feel forward this post to others that you believe have a direct interest in the US position on standards for data quality (we need to ensure the healthcare community gets involved). There is a Korean committee draft out for comment that needs urgent review by the US TAG.

Contributed by Peter R. Benson
Executive Director and Chief Technical Officer
Electronic Commerce Code Management Association (ECCMA)
Project leader for ISO 22745 (technical dictionaries) and ISO 8000 (data quality)

For further information on ISO TC 184/SC4 Industrial data

TAG Administrator: Electronic Commerce Code Management Association
Sheron Koshy
2980 Linden St., Suite E2
Bethlehem, PA 18017
Phone: 610-861-5990
Fax: 610-861-5992

ANSI Staff Contact: Henrietta Scully
Phone: 212.642.4946

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