Overview of Energy Production & Consumption Data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration Website

The US Department of Energy, U.S. Energy Information Administration has extensive primary data for energy production. It’s website provides free access to weekly energy reports on petroleum and natural gas; monthly reports on electric power; and a quarterly report on coal among other things in the Highlights Section under the Sources and Uses tab.

Energy Perspectives is a graphical overview of energy history in the United States. The 42 graphs shown here reveal sweeping trends related to the Nation’s production, consumption, and trade of energy from 1949 through 2011.

The Electricity Data Browser has incredible functionality. Use its capabilities to look at various electricity data or view pre-defined reports such as Net Generation from biomass by state by sector. This view can be filtered by date range and graphed or mapped and even animated to show changes by state over time.

The EIA Beta website has interactive graphs of energy consumption by industry sector, production and consumption by source (nuclear, renewables, etc.). Use the interactive features to change the date range and sectors. Other controls allow you to print or export the graphs to image or PDF files or download the data to Excel. The graph below is from https://www.usa.gov.

Screenshot of U.S. Energy Information Administration website

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