OSHA Makes Noise Safety a 2012 Priority

Man uses saw with hearing protection that meets ANSI/ASA S12.6-2008 requirements

Did you read the article in OH&S Magazine, Hearing Conservation in 2012: Focus on NRR Noise Reduction Rating
— ansidotorg (@ansidotorg) March 28, 2012

Teresa Y. Schulz writes in the Mar 1, 2012 OH&S Magazine, about the need to train users to properly fit ear protectors and goes on to write that changes are coming to hearing protection labeling. She lists two online links for further information on model hearing conservation programs.

According to Schulz, the proposed new EPA test protocol for noise reduction rating will use ANSI/ASA S12.6-2008 instead of ANSI/ASA S.3.19-1974 . The current test methods are compared with the proposed ones in the article. One of the most significant changes is that users will be taught how to fit the hearing protection and will fit it themselves. The ratings will go from today’s single number to a range.

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