Job Opportunities in Cybersecurity

Job Opportunities
According to a recent article by the Star Tribune, hiring managers are having trouble finding talent to fill cybersecurity job positions. This derives from both the large amount of available positions and the fact that the majority of applicants lack the necessary skills to protect against vulnerability of computer systems in a business environment.
Even if you do not realize it, we are in the advanced future that was imagined all throughout the Twentieth Century. While we don’t have fictionally-conceived products like flying cars, we do possess mobile phones with capabilities that far exceed simply remotely talking with people, televisions that weigh only a fraction of those from the past and possess far better resolution, and most importantly we can access almost any piece of information from many devices in a matter of seconds. So much has become digitized, and it has enhanced our lives in countless ways.

We have such a massive dependence on computers and the internet that they have almost become extensions of our lives and identities. The issue here is that we trust this nonphysical community with so much that it is often not as protected as it needs to be. It is also far more complex than simply protecting ourselves. For instance, if you are performing a task that can be hazardous to your eyes, you wear goggles as a simple mitigation practice. For the threat of internet hackers stealing your personal or business information, the solution is much more complicated and requires intricate solutions by cyber-protection experts.

Several qualities should be present in the ideal candidates for these difficult-to-fill positions. One of these is implied with the need to comprehend the venues in which different cyber-attacks can occur: technical understanding. In addition, cybersecurity is very uncertain, in both the present and the future, so candidates must have talents in risk management and program management to take on the constantly evolving challenges of the field. It is also important that these individuals make use of talents that are not necessarily specific to their duties in targeting cyber threats. They must have skills in communication to effectively present information to others who might not be as familiar with IT concepts and should be able to work for consensus building to attain sufficient resources from their organizations to carry out their duties.

Tens of thousands of job opportunities in the field of cybersecurity available throughout the country are currently listed on career websites.

ANSI offers many different standards on IT Security, which help to secure the safety of information for many organizations.

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