Train with funicular safety measure that meet ANSI B77.2-2014

Funicular is a word we don’t hear often. But ANSI has a standard ANSI B77.2-2020 for funicular safety.

The former CEO of Olympus America, Sid Braginsky would often start his presentations asking us to define a particular word. I owe him great deal and this technique always got my attention. No matter how ordinary the word was, I always found the task of defining a common word more difficult than expected. But it always got me thinking and I really enjoyed the challenge.

Chances are you’ll know what a funicular is if you live in the mountains or visit them. I’ll admit that I had heard the word often enough but had to look it up anyway. Type into the Google search box “define: funiculars” and you’ll see not only the definition, but also a list of funicular railways organized by place along with photos of funiculars. Google is great for this kind of query.

I am often amazed to find there are standards for practically everything. Type nearly any word into the keyword search at and you’ll see what I mean. What happens when you search for funicular standards? Yes there are standards for funiculars.

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2 thoughts on “Funiculars
  1. Good Morning. I would like to know if there is a standard for wireless communication on funiculars, because ANSI does not mention anything about this.

    I would appreciate your help, thank you.

    1. Hello, the standard mentioned in this document (ANSI B77.2) is the only funicular standard. You should direct your questions regarding it towards the developer of this standard, the National Ski Area Association (NSAA).

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