Fall Protection Standards Don’t Cover Falling In Love

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Have you watched this lovely Disney animated short about finding love while waiting for a train? Yes, love and even a chance meeting on a train platform involve standards. ANSI people may imagine just how many audio, animation, and video standards produced such a great movie. Standards are involved in streaming and displaying the movie, the plugs and wires or radio waves that connect your computer to the grid. Passionate about standards? Yes, we’re ANSI people and we are passionate about standards. The compounds in the lipstick in the movie, even the composition and testing of the steel in the rails will have you thinking about one thing. Call it love or call it obsession. Maybe you won’t find a standard for love, but for everything else, ANSI will help you find the right one. ANSI has a broad collection of standards from fall protection to animation to aerospace, video encoding to office ergonomics. All of these standards can be searched and found either by keyword or document number. Search for animation or MPEG or video codec and you’ll see what we mean.Happy Valentine’s Day!From the ANSI Team
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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