Energy Efficiency for Telecommunicaton Equipment

Communications tower that is within the Telecommunications Energy Efficiency Ratio (TEER)

Three new standards provide the methodology to be used by vendors and third party test laboratories in the formation of Telecommunications Energy Efficiency Ratio (TEER). The first document is the base standard for determining telecommunications energy efficiency. A related standard defines how to measure the Telecommunications Energy Efficiency Ratio (TEER) of a server or server blade. The standard will also provide requirements for how equipment vendors shall respond to a TEER request based on a specific application description by making use of relevant data from internal and independent test reports. A third new standard specifies the definition of Transport products and systems as well as a methodology to calculate the Telecommunication Energy Efficiency Ratio (TEER) of a transport system or network configuration. Download these green standards for telecommunications, Energy Efficiency for Telecommunication Equipment.

There will be funding for projects improving energy efficiency involving these standards. In Stimulus Bill Funding for Data Center and Telecom Technology Energy Efficiency, Smart Grid, Enhanced Geothermal Systems, and More according to Stoel Rives LLP, “On March 5th, DOE’s EERE Industrial Technologies Program (“ITP”) released a Notice of Intent to issue funding for technologies that increase the energy efficiency of server-based information and communication technology (“ICT”) systems housed in data centers and telecommunications central offices.”

The standards were developed by ATIS NIPP Telecommunications Energy Efficiency (TEE) subcommittee which develops and recommends standards and technical reports related to the energy efficiency of telecommunication equipment.

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