Creating and Retrofitting Wildfire-Resistant Buildings

Graphic of home on fire showing the value of creating and retrofitting wildfire-resistant buildings.

Wildfires are dangerous and costly. It costs nearly $3 billion a year to fight wildfires, and prime fire conditions will continue for the foreseeable future. As such, homeowners in wildfire-prone areas of America might want to consider retrofitting their homes for added fire resistance.

Homeowners can bolster their homes with specialized, fire-resistant materials to stay prepared. Fire-resistant products are less likely to catch on fire, and they resist heat much longer than standard material. Likewise, a solid plan of wildfire preparation can help keep a property safe in the face of an oncoming wildfire.

Wildfire-resistant buildings with active monitoring of critical areas are better suited to withstand a blaze. These steps can help make your home safe. To further minimize the chance of a wildfire, heed red-flag warnings. Don’t burn during periods of low humidity and high winds and make sure that all fires are properly extinguished.

Unfortunately, nearly 85% of wildfires are started by humans. While wildland fire protection is an important line of defense against wildfires, individuals need to play their part in preventing them and do what they can to keep their homes and loved ones safe.

How wildfires can spread graphic.
Fire-resistant building materials graphic.
Ways to fireproof your home graphic.
Wildfire home preparedness checklist.

Contributing Author: Rachel Perez, Outreach Associate, North Star Inbound

Rachel Perez is an Outreach Associate with North Star Inbound. An honor graduate of New York University, she contributes home improvement, landscaping and renovation pieces. When not writing, she enjoys gardening with her mom and spending time in the Florida sunshine.

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