Corporate Dictionaries – A Valuable Asset for Any Business, Small or Large

Maintaining a corporate dictionary is the key to unambiguous internal and external communication. It is the first step in data quality and data governance, as well, as an invaluable tool in managing the costs of data integration and regulatory compliance.

The ECCMA Corporate Dictionary Manager (eCDM), was released on August 6th. This new cloud application leverages ISO 22745, the international standard for open technical dictionaries, and the eOTD, the world’s largest repository of over three million concepts with associated multilingual terminology collected from international, national and industry standards, as well as, industry glossaries and classifications.

The two most important features of the eCDM are designed to help the user with both internal and external communication. The first feature is spreadsheet, report, form and data model registries that are designed to ensure that the corporate dictionary is rooted into the practical reality of everyday business. A dictionary steward can monitor how the dictionary is used throughout the organization, as well as, identify and solve inconsistencies in the use of the organization’s terminology. The second feature is concept equivalence. This is designed to make it easier to take advantage of concept localizations.

The eCDM also has an advanced feature that allows the management of multiple classifications, as well as, create and maintain metadata mapping solutions through concept equivalence. As an added bonus, the eCDM can be integrated with the ECCMA Data Requirements Registry (eDRR™), a cooperative repository of common cataloging and data exchange templates.

Free webinars are available for anyone who is interested in learning more about the eCDM.

ECCMA is a not-for-profit membership association that is striving to improve data quality and reduce the cost of cataloging through the development of international standards and cataloging tools.

Contributing Author: Peter Benson, Executive Director ECCMA

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