What’s Next for the ANAB Training Institute?

Presenter giving in-person ANAB training.

Although COVID may not be done with us, indications that we are done with COVID are prevalent. Even countries with the longest lasting restrictions have pulled them back, and the initial thought that people may not necessarily want to go back to in-person activities does not ring true for everyone. The pandemic forced remote operations, providing opportunities for businesses to expand into areas not thought of before. It forced people to learn technology and adopt the new normal. However, not all welcomed the change, and many feel no technology can adequately replace in-person interaction.    

In training, ANAB needs to give these customers immediate focus.

Remote vs. In-Person Training

Although remote preference to learning seems to outweigh in person, ANAB needs to cater to its customer base, keeping the integrity of training courses yet providing the service ANAB customers want in the way they want it.   

Currently there is still minimal interest for in-person training, but inquiries are coming in regularly. Of course, ANAB’s live online approach is not going anywhere. The plan is to continue offering 50/50 live online vs. in person, and some courses will forever remain as live online offerings. Although ANAB will continue to offer all open registration sessions fully live online at this time, plans are in motion to set up the in-person framework, with hopes to have the first in-person session fall 2022. You can see ANAB’s full open registration course schedule available here: Public Training Course Schedule.

ANAB Self-Paced Training

The pandemic not only forced remote work and learning but also shifted what people consider a workday, with more and more customers asking for training at a time convenient for them. To accommodate these requests, ANAB’s self-paced portfolio was doubled in 2020. ANAB continues to expand not only to offer training to the English-speaking community but also to expand our offerings to Spanish-speaking customers. The goal is to have all courses available in both languages. You can see ANAB’s self-paced course catalog here: Self-Paced Online Training.

For private session customers, with lessons learned over the past 2 years, ANAB is now able to deliver training to many areas around the globe without leaving the comfort and safety of our homes.   Additionally, with newly acquired resources and the use of technology, ANAB is now able to deliver training in different languages, including French, Spanish, Mandarin, and many others.

Register for ANAB Training

ANAB Training Institute is ready to deliver needed training in the most convenient format!

View the ANAB Public Training Course Schedule for upcoming training offerings. For information on ANAB Training, please contact training@anab.org .

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