ANAB-CFP Accreditation

Food protection manager overseeing food safety and quality control at a restaurant.

Many states have adopted food protection manager certification requirements for food service establishments. A food service establishment is a place where food is provided for individual portion service directly to the consumer. This includes restaurants, employee cafeterias, bakeries, take-outs, pizzerias, night clubs, cabarets, bars, senior centers, emergency food relief organizations, public and non-public schools, or religious, fraternal and charitable organizations. ANAB-Conference for Food Protection (CFP) Accreditation offers the value of a third-party stamp of approval for organizations offering certification of food protection managers: quality control managers who are on duty during all hours of operation to supervise food preparation and processing.

What Is Food Manager Certification?

While not every state requires food safety certification, most states want businesses to have a certified food protection manager (CFPM) on staff. A CFPM makes sure food from a facility meets health and safety standards and that your employees follow all food safety procedures. A food manager certification serves as proof that a staff member has the training to understand and follow food safety regulations and guidelines. 

There is a difference between food manager certification and a food handler certificate. It is important that your staff members have these credentials because it shows customers that you are committed to providing safe, high-quality food. To get a food safety manager certification, you must pass an exam that tests in-depth knowledge of food safety topics, such as foodborne illness and prevention; personal hygiene procedures; food preparation and cross contamination guidelines; cleaning and sanitizing equipment and utensils knowledge; and an understanding of food safety problems and food allergy prevention.

ANAB Does NOT Issue Food Protection Manager Certifications

ANAB DOES NOT issue food protection manager certifications. Rather, ANAB offers accreditation for certification bodies (i.e., an organization that has been accredited to provide the food manager protection certification) to meet the requirements under all the Conference for Food Protection Accreditation Standards.

If you are an individual seeking a food protection manager certification, please consult ANAB’s list of accredited organizations and reach out directly to one of these organizations for information.

What Is the Conference for Food Protection (CFP)?

The Conference for Food Protection (CFP) is a non-profit, independent voluntary organization that originated in 1971. It is a coalition of local, state, and federal food safety regulators, industry food safety professionals, academics, and consumers dedicated to improving food safety through collaboration. These individuals partner together to identify problems, formulate recommendations, and develop and implement practices that assure food safety. The goal of the CFP is to identify the most effective science-based regulatory criteria for preparing, marketing, and serving food safely in retail food establishments of all kinds.

Conference for Food Protection Accreditation

The Conference for Food Protection (CFP) has identified the essential components of a nationally recognized Food Protection Manager Certification Program and established a mechanism to determine if certification organizations meet this Standard. The CFP Standard for Accreditation of Food Protection Manager Certification Programs is intended for all legal entities that provide certification for this profession. The Standard has been developed after years of CFP’s research into, and discussion about, Food Protection Manager Certification Programs.

ANAB’s Partnership with the Conference for Food Protection (CFP)

On June 17, 2002, ANAB and the Conference for Food Protection (CFP) entered into a cooperative agreement to accredit organizations involved in the certification of food protection managers. With this cooperative agreement, the ANAB-CFP Accreditation Program emerged as the only program of its kind in the U.S.

ANAB-CFP Accreditation

The ANAB-CFP Accreditation Program is for organizations offering the certification of food protection managers. As the accrediting organization, ANAB verifies and monitors continuing compliance with the CFP Standard through the entire accreditation period. ANAB-CFP Accreditation indicates that the certification organization has been evaluated by a third-party and meets or exceeds all of the Conference-established standards for food safety. It ensures that holders of an accredited food protection manager certification have undergone a valid assessment and have the necessary competencies to ensure safety in food establishments.

How To Earn ANAB-CFP Accreditation

To earn ANAB-CFP Accreditation, the certification organization must meet the CFP Standards for Accreditation of Food Protection Manager Certification Programs and provide evidence of compliance through documentation requested in the application. Further, the certification organization must agree to abide by certification policies and procedures, established by the CFP Food Protection Manager Certification Committee (FPMCC), endorsed by the Conference for Food Protection (CFP), and implemented by the accrediting organization (ANAB). You can become familiar with ANAB-CFP Accreditation by visiting:

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