Ladder Safety at Work: It’s a Big Deal

Duo at work making sure to note best ladder safety practices, since it's a big deal.

Falls from heights are the third most common disabling workplace injury. Just imagine, you’re standing on top of a chair to hang decorations for an office party, and, next thing you know, you’re out of work for weeks due to injury with hundreds of dollars in medical bills. Ladders are used in most workplaces for a variety of tasks; not just for construction-related work. It is essential that ladder users have an understanding of proper ladder use. This March, take your personal safety into your own hands and engage in a variety of activities during American Ladder Institute (ALI)’s National Ladder Safety Month. Help spread the word about ladder safety as a part of all aspects of your day-to-day life—in your organization, community, and home.

Be proactive about ladder safety! Take advantage of the free resources National Ladder Safety Month has to offer such as free ladder safety training videos, safety posters, shareable graphics, and more.

On March 10, National Ladder Safety Month was featured on The Lifestyle List. This short video highlights the top five misuses of ladders and ways they can be prevented. Who would have thought that something as simple as missing the last step on a ladder could be so dangerous and a common occurrence? Once you’ve watched, share on social media and help educate your friends and family on safe practices. You can also download a Ladder Safety Checklist and display it in your workspace to help keep ladder safety front-of-mind for you and your coworkers.

Help saves lives in 2018. How will you participate in National Ladder Safety Month this March?

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Contributing Author: American Ladder Institute (ALI)

ALI is the ANSI-approved developer of safety standards for the ladder industry and serves as the A14 Secretariat. Learn more about the many different standards, including the recently revised A14.2 and A14.5 standards.

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