ANSI/OPEI Z130.1-2020: Golf Cars Safety Specifications

A golf cart on the green taking a break under a palm tree while following ANSI/OPEI Z130.1-2020.

Even recreational vehicles, like golf cars (or golf carts), possess some level of risk. Invented in 1935, these vehicles have facilitated transport throughout golf courses since the 50s. They have since proliferated nationwide, but, unfortunately, so have the injuries associated with their use. In fact, as their popularity grew, from 1990 to 2006, injuries from golf cars increased 130%.

With these dangers present, an American National Standard, ANSI/OPEI Z130.1-2020: Golf Cars – Safety And Performance Specifications, is essential to provide golf car safety,

About ANSI/OPEI Z130.1-2020

ANSI/OPEI Z130.1-2020 provides safety and performance specifications relating to golf cars. It is applicable to vehicles driven by electric motors or internal combustion engines specifically intended for and used on golf courses for transporting golfers and their equipment.

The specifications found in ANSI/OPEI Z130.1-2020 are used to promote safety by a wide range of individuals involved with the design, manufacture, maintenance, and operation of golf cars. The standard outlines concerns like grading, terrain, modification, repair, ventilation, fuel storage, and operator safety practices. For manufacturers, the standard details safety warnings, configurations, and a variety of tests to assess mechanical performance, stability, brakes, and other essential components of a golf car.

ANSI/OPEI Z130.1-2020 can also be used as a guide by regulatory authorities desiring to formulate safety rules and regulations.

This standard does not apply to Personal Transport Vehicles (PTVs), autonomous vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and vehicles designed for the transportation of persons with disabilities.

Changes to ANSI/OPEI Z130.1-2020

The first publication of the safety standard for golf cars, in 1979, coincides with the emergence of gas-powered golf cars. Decades later, ANSI/OPEI Z130.1-2020 revises the sixth edition of the standard, ANSI/ILTVA Z130.1-2012.

With this, the most apparent alteration to this standard is in its name. While editions one through six were developed under the auspices of the International Light Transportation Vehicle Association (ILTVA), the OPEI Z130.1 / Z135 Golf Car and PTV Committee, as part of the standards-developing work by the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI), prepared this revision.

As for the content, the standard contains the following changes from the previous version:

  • Several definitions were added or revised
  • The vehicle identification number requirements were revised
  • Safety warnings were revised to specify warnings for both occupants and operators
  • Previous fuel system requirements were replaced with the requirement to comply with ANSI/OPEI B71.10

ANSI/OPEI Z130.1-2020: Golf Cars – Safety And Performance Specifications is available on the ANSI Webstore.

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  1. question is there a standard for the scan tool diagnostics for newer carts with controller and a diagnostic port, similar to OBDII for vehicles, for would like to find a tool, but only 1 tool not as prior vehicle OBD1 of all manufacturers have different ports and of no such standard of all the same

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