ANSI/ADA 111-2019 Adhesion Test Methods To Tooth Structure

Visualized bright tooth on blue background with no adhesion problems thanks to ANSI/ADA 111-2019 testing

From the moment your teeth eject in your early life, they are fraught with peril. Covered by plaque and threatened by the semi-daily habit of this film of bacteria turning sugars from foods and drinks into acid, the teeth, whether incisors meant for slicing meat or massive molars adapted for grinding fibrous foods, face many dangers. Modern dentistry, orthodontics, and other fields help mend and prevent the damage inflicted onto our teeth, but the effects of the materials that they introduce to our smiles need to be understood.

For help in this area, ANSI/ADA 111-2019: Adhesion Test Methods To Tooth Structure describes different laboratory and clinical procedures to comprehend the effect or quality of a bond between a dental material and tooth structure.

About the ANSI/ADA 111-2019 Standard

Adhesive materials are used in many types of restorative and preventive work, and the stresses of bonds on teeth can be defined as tensile, shear, or both. While bond strengths may not predict exact clinical behavior, they can be useful for comparing adhesive materials.

ANSI/ADA 111-2019 gives guidance on substrate selection, storage, and handling as well as characteristics of test methods for quality testing the adhesive bond between restorative dental materials and tooth structure, i.e. enamel and dentine.

Please note, however, that this standard does not include requirements for adhesive materials and their performance.

ANSI/ADA 111-2019 is an identical adoption of ISO/TS 11405:2015.

Test Methods Found in ANSI/ADA 111-2019

ANSI/ADA 111-2019 details guidance for the following test methods:

  • tensile bond strength measurement
  • gap measurement tests for adhesion to dentine
  • microleakage tests
  • clinical usage tests

While not included in the content of this American National Standard, ISO 29022:2013 describes the notched‐edge shear bond strength test, which is an important publication, in the subject. Annex A of ANSI/ADA 111-2019 also lists and details examples of test methods for measuring bond strength, including the Kemper and Killian test, Bencor test, dumb-bell test, micro tensile test, and fracture toughness test.

ANSI/ADA 111-2019: Adhesion Test Methods To Tooth Structure is available on the ANSI Webstore.

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