ISO 56002:2019: New Standard for Innovation Management Systems

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A new management system standard focuses on innovation: ISO 56002:2019 – Innovation Management – Innovation Management System – Guidance.

How does innovation drive success in business?

Innovation enables adaptability. While it is lauded for driving trailblazers, gargantuan inventors, and other disrupters of the status quo, innovation belongs to everyone. With society adapting at a rapid pace, any business needs to be resilient enough to keep up.

What is ISO 56002:2019?

An innovative organization is able to comprehend and respond to the conditions of its context, pursue new opportunities, and leverage the knowledge and creativity of its employees. And, as stated in ISO 56002:2019:

“An organization can innovate more effectively and efficiently if all necessary activities and other interrelated or interacting elements are managed as a system.”

In fact, an innovation management system can aid any organization in determining its vision, strategy, and objectives in relation to innovation. It can also set the support and processes that help an organization reach its intended outcomes.

ISO 56002:2019 helps any organization, regardless of type, sector, or size, establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve an innovation management system. It addresses a realm of guidance pertinent to innovation management systems, including understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties, determining the scope of the system, the role of leadership, planning, operation, improvement, managing risk, and innovation processes and objectives.

In addition to organizations who want to effectively manage innovation activities, ISO 56002:2019 is applicable to customers and other interested parties who seek confidence in an organization’s innovation capabilities, as well as organizations that want to improve communication through a common understanding of what constitutes an innovation management system. It can also be used by policy makers and training providers in innovation management.

By implementing an innovation management system in accordance with ISO 56002:2019, organizations can see an increased ability to manage uncertainty, increased growth, reduced costs and waste, increased revenue, and increased customer satisfaction.

How does ISO 56002:2019 compare with other ISO management system standards?

While focused specifically on innovation management, ISO 56002:2019 applies Annex SL—the framework developed by ISO to improve alignment among its international management system standards. Furthermore, it features concepts that we’ve seen in other ISO management system standards: continual improvement, the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle, and the involvement of leadership.

In addition, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and other management system standards are referenced in the “Bibliography” section of ISO 56002:2019.

Are there other innovation management standards?

ISO 56002 is the third document published by ISO on innovation management. The other two, which also strive to help organizations continuously adapt and evolve are ISO 56003:2019 – Innovation Management – Tools And Methods For Innovation Partnership – Guidance and the technical report ISO/TR 56004:2019 – Innovation Management Assessment – Guidance.

Anyone interested in acquiring these three documents together at a discount can do so with the ISO 56002 / ISO 56003 / ISO/TR 56004 – Innovation Management Package.

Additionally, the following standards are in development:

ISO 56002:2019 – Innovation Management – Innovation Management System – Guidance is available on the ANSI Webstore. It and the entire current series are available together as the ISO 56000 – Innovation Management Package.

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