ANSI/NAPIM 177.1-2018: Safety Standard – Three-Roll Printing Ink Mills

Printing ink spilling out in different colors from ANSI/NAPIM 177.1-2018 three-roll printing ink mills.

ANSI/NAPIM 177.1-2018: Safety standard – Three-roll printing ink mills has been released.

Ink mills, such as the type discussed in ANSI/NAPIM 177.1-2018, are often used in separating pigment agglomerates. Three-roll mills are notable machines because they provide the highest shear force for breaking up the agglomerates. Three-roll ink mills are commonly used in the production of screen-printing inks, pad printing inks, UV inks, glass inks, and other varieties of ink.

ANSI/NAPIM 177.1-2018 is an American National Standard that provides guidance on utilizing three-roll printing ink mills in a way that promotes safety. ANSI/NAPIM 177.1-2018 is developed specifically for the operators and owners of three-roll printing ink mill machinery (or as the standard refers to them, authorized personnel).

The guidelines of ANSI/NAPIM 177.1-2018 relate to all three-roll mills used for the production of ink or comparable materials used in the printing ink manufacturing industry. ANSI/NAPIM 177.1-2018 gives recommendations on mill controls, general safety procedures, and safe knife-changing procedures. It addresses information on mills with rolls with working surfaces less than 19 inches. It also covers working surfaces greater than 19 inches.

Blue ink drizzling from mill.

ANSI/NAPIM 177.1-2018 also has guidelines for emergency braking. ANSI/NAPIM 177.1-2018 addresses emergency braking in wash-up mode, and it separately refers to emergency braking in grinding mode. The standard also covers mechanical mill guarding. ANSI/NAPIM 177.1-2018 discusses topics related to work platforms, as well as a host of other important safety measures for three-roll printing ink mills.

NAPIM, the National Association of Printing Ink Manufactures, is a trade association founded in 1916. As an ANSI-accredited standards developing organization, NAPIM’s goal is to cultivate a better understanding of the industry and advance its members. NAPIM describes its members as companies that source the materials for the production of ink, makers of the equipment, and ink manufactures.

ANSI/NAPIM 177.1-2018: Safety Standard – Three-roll printing ink mills is available on the ANSI Webstore.

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