ISO 10816-3:2009/Amd1:2017 – Amendment 1 to Evaluation of Machine Vibration Standard

***Update: ISO 10816-3 and its corresponding amendment have been revised by ISO 20816-3:2022 – Mechanical Vibration – Measurement And Evaluation Of Machine Vibration – Part 3: Industrial Machinery With A Power Rating Above 15 KW And Operating Speeds Between 120 R/Min And 30 000 R/Min, which is available on the ANSI Webstore.

A standard amendment, ISO 10816-3:2009/Amd1:2017, has been released.

Amendments alter or add to the technical provisions previously agreed upon within an international standard, and ISO 10816-3:2009/Amd1:2017 does just that, stating that the standard user should replace some content in several clauses of the ISO 10816-3:2009 – Mechanical vibration – Evaluation of machine vibration by measurements on non-rotating parts – Part 3: Industrial machines with nominal power above 15 kW and nominal speeds between 120 r/min and 15,000 r/min when measured in situ document.

What is ISO 10816-3?

ISO 10816-3:2009 is an international standard focused on addressing machine vibration, a problem resulting from improper design and assemblage of machine parts. This issue results in unwanted noise and damage to the machine that can result in a decline in efficiency and even its destruction. The standard gives criteria for assessing vibration levels when these measurements are conducted in situ. It is applicable to machine sets with a power above 15 kW and operating speeds between 120 r/min and 15,000 r/min.

When the ISO 10816-3 standard was revised back in 2009, there was one primary change to the second and current edition: the deletion of pumps from the scope, as they are now dealt with in ISO 10816-7:2009 – Mechanical vibration – Evaluation of machine vibration by measurements on non-rotating parts – Part 7: Rotodynamic pumps for industrial applications, including measurements on rotating shafts.

What Was Updated in ISO 10816-3:2009/Amd1:2017?

ISO 10816-3:2009/Amd1:2017 adds new alterations to the international standard, and these changes are present throughout the original document. In addition to replacing the forward and some of the introduction, the amendment changes the machine sets covered by the standard as well as those that explicitly are excluded.

ISO 10816-3:2009/Amd1:2017 also changes the normative references of the ISO 10816-3:2009 standard. This is largely due to the updates of ISO 10816-1 and ISO 10816-2, which each involved the merging of several formerly distinct standards. The latest versions of these two standards are ISO 20816-1:2016 – Mechanical vibration – Measurement and evaluation of machine vibration – Part 1: General guidelines (replacing ISO 7919-1:1996, ISO 10816-1:1995 and ISO 10816-1:1995/Amd 1:2009) and ISO 20816-2:2017 – Mechanical vibration – Measurement and evaluation of machine vibration – Part 2: Land-based gas turbines, steam turbines and generators in excess of 40 MW, with fluid-film bearings and rated speeds of 1,500 r/min, 1,800 r/min, 3,000 r/min and 3,600 r/min (replacing ISO 7919-2:2009 and ISO 10816-2:2009).

In addition to these two examples, several other standards that were originally included as normative references in ISO 10816-3:2009 have been revised since its publication, and these are reflected in the amendment as well. Due to this alteration, there are adjustments throughout the standard document whenever one of these references is mentioned, and these are identified in ISO 10816-3:2009/Amd1:2017.

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