ASME B30.23-2016 – Personnel Lifting Systems

Crane hook that's following the requirements covered in ASME B30.23-2016

The ASME B30.23 standard has seen many revisions throughout its lifetime, and these alterations have been a necessity to keep up with changes in design and advancement in techniques that have emerged ever since the original Code of Safety Standards for Cranes was first prepared back in 1916. ASME B30.23-2016 – Personnel Lifting Systems continues the progression of this trend, acting as the latest update to the standard.

ASME B30.23-2016 – Personnel Lifting Systems is the safety standard for the construction, installation, operation, inspection, testing, maintenance, and use of cableways, cranes, derricks, hoists, hooks, jacks, and slings used to lift, lower, hold, or transport personnel. Since this standard is under the general scope of ASME B30, which is focused primarily on material handling, the equipment and implementation guidelines featured in this document are not intended to meet any standard recommendations for equipment designed specifically for lifting personnel. Instead, they apply to the hoisting and accessory equipment covered in earlier volumes of ASME B30.

Several changes have been made to this latest revision, and they are listed early on in the new edition.

Changes to ASME B30.23-2016 – Personnel Lifting Systems:

  • B30 Standard Introduction – Revised
  • Section 23-0.3 – Definition of designated person deleted
  • Section 23-0.4 – Added, and remaining paragraph redesignated
  • Section 23-0.5 – Updated
  • 23-1.1.1 – Subparagraph (b)(10)(-e) revised
  • 23-1.2.1 – Subparagraph (c)(4) added
  • 23-1.2.2 – Subparagraph (f) revised
  • Section 23-2.1 – Revised
  • 23-2.1.1 – Subparagraph (b)(1) revised
  • 23-2.1.2 – Last sentence added
  • 23-2.2.1 – In subparagraph (a), subparagraph designation “(2)” added, and remaining subparagraphs redesignated
  • 23-2.3.1 – Subparagraph (a)(1) revised
  • 23-3.1.2 – Subparagraph (c)(5) deleted
  • 23-3.1.3 – Subparagraphs (b)(3) and (d) added, and remaining subparagraphs redesignated
  • 23-3.2.2 – Revised in its entirety

All relevant definitions and guidelines for construction, design, maintenance, inspection, testing, and operation of personnel lifting systems with the use of some ASME B30 equipment are detailed in ASME B30.23-2016 – Personnel Lifting Systems.

ASME B30.23-2016 – Personnel Lifting Systems is available on the ANSI Webstore.

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