ISO 9001:2015 Released

ISO 9001:2015 Released
ISO 9001:2015 has been released on the ANSI Webstore, updating the 2008 version of the standard for quality management system requirements. Notable changes to this revision include utilization of risk-based thinking and employment of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle at all levels of the organization. The 2015 version is less prescriptive than its predecessor and has been designed so that it can be easily integrated with other management systems.

In addition, ISO 9000:2015 has also been released, updating the terms and concepts that act as the foundation for ISO 9001:2015. These together make up the ISO 9001 and ISO 9000 Quality Management Set, which is also available on the ANSI Webstore.

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ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 9000:2015 are available for download on the ANSI Webstore. Any organization that already has the 2008 version of ISO 9001 should consider the Redline Version of ISO 9001:2015, which details the changes to the revision and simplifies the transition between the two versions of the standard.

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